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Porsche, there is no substitute May 3, 2012

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often times when hearing the word Porsche the first things that come to mind are fast, expensive or pure-thoroughbred racing machine. when approaching the front of a Porsche to fully take in its absolute beauty and stature your attention eventually goes to the Porsche badge. located on the lower section of its hood the badge leaves the front of the car displaying its name gracefully but with precedence. at the center of the crest embellishes a black horse on its hind legs symbolizing “forward thrusting power” as horses have played a strong influence in the city since its beginning. directly above is the name “Stuttgart” where the main offices and its factory are located. encompassing around the horse are the “stylized antlers” alternating with the decoratively striped state colors of red and black. the antlers bear a strikingly close resemblance to the Wurttemberg coat of arms within the city seal. boldly crowning the very top of its crest are the captivating block letters that successfully define this outstanding machine formerly establishing its name as PORSCHE.

over the years Porsche cars have countlessly been portrayed and referred to both in movies and on television. for me the most identifiable and iconic Porsche moment that resonates in my mind comes from the 1980s television show Family Ties. in their 1987 Christmas episode (Miracle in Columbus), Santa had a package delivered to Alex P. Keaton, with inside a model-kit Porsche. “Even the ‘real’ Santa can’t come up with the life-size sports car for which Fox secretly yearns.”

The most famous Porsche model is quite possibly the 550 Spyder gaining its infamous reputation and popularity after a fatal accident on September 30 1955. when movie star James Dean and his factory-trained Porsche mechanic, Rolf Wutherich were en-rout to a racetrack in Salinas, Ca. since the car didn’t have enough ‘break-in’ miles the two decided to drive the car to the races instead of it being normally trailered by a station wagon. the two were traveling on route US 466 when a car pulled out in front of them at the Route 466/41 Junction. there was not enough room to stop in time before the Porsche 550 Spyder collided into the other car causing the Porsche to become airborne leaving James Dean with fatal injuries.

while spending time in a downtown used book store i discovered an oversized coffee-table book that thoroughly explained Porsches history and development. this book was written so that the reader would be left with a full comprehension and understanding of what Porsche stands for. when sifting through this book i discovered that someone had written a short paragraph on one of the first few pages. what i found was a hand written note in black felt pen congratulating a buyer on a newly purchased PORSCHE. at the end of this note was a signed signature with the name and telephone number of the dealership where the Porsche was sold. also attached to this page by a paper clip i found the sales associates business card. this note dates back to September of 1986 and a few things have changed since then. for one thing the Porsche dealership that now serves the greater north bay area no longer bears the name “North Bay Porsche” while its 959 East Francisco Boulevard in San Rafael address has also changed. “Sonnen Porsche” is currently located 5.95 miles south of where “North Bay Porsche” was, residing on 900 Redwood Highway in Mill Valley.

the defining essence of how a car should be built hasn’t been better displayed than through the profound ingenuity and engineering from Porsche. nothing better helps describe the Porsche philosophy than, “the principle of achieving maximum output from minimum input.” this foundation has led a once obscure German automobile company from the country side into the record books solidifying a spot forever onto a world platform of auto racing. clearly its been a dream of mine to own a Porsche since my youth. with the help of purchasing the book “Porsche Portrait of a Legend” not only have i furthered my knowledge in Porsche cars i have been brought one step closer to the PORSCHE experience. i don’t currently have the money to own a Porsche but perhaps if i am lucky enough the achievement of Porsche ownership might one day be obtained.



2 Responses to “Porsche, there is no substitute”

  1. worldwidewilli Says:

    Great blog and info, Seth. Retired now, and living in Italy, but I was with Porsche for half its history, including a stint helping establish North Bay Porsche. I got a kick out of your book find with the note from Dru. I believe it was ‘Portrait of a Legend’ as we most often sent those to customers a few days after their new Porsche was delivered. We also sent them to a special driving school with Bob Bondurant at Sears Point Raceway. It was the original model and precursor to today’s Porsche Driving Academy at Barber. All the best, and thanks for the smile! – Will Ellingham, Perugia (Umbria) Italia (you can find me on Facebook).

    • sethcharlesnaumann Says:

      Thank you so much Will for the feedback!! 🙂 What year was North Bay Porsche established?


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