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why would you want to follow God? November 12, 2011

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in my own experience it is very difficult sometimes impossible to have the desire to follow the one and only creator of this world and his son Jesus when im too busy following my own desires. the expression “no one can serve two masters” (Matthew 6:24) rings so vibrantly true. because more often than not the road that God wants me to be on is going contrary to what my first reactions are going to be. the only way i have the desire to do what God wants me to do is when i live my life by faith.

by nature people make rules and regulations to follow which hinder and block what otherwise would be an easily made decision or process. when i choose to live by faith these obstacles are completely irrelevant and removed from the equation. only at this point is it again possible to do the things God desires for me.

living by faith means trusting the decisions and commands made from God by believing that God knows the way. God is going to ask me to make decisions that in the moment seem irrational. the perception God has and the perception that i can see from are not the same. what God sees is the complete circumstance and what i can see is just a small part of the picture. kind of like closing in on a pixilated picture. like viewing the painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte from two feet away. if i were to magnify the picture i would no longer see the picture from full view. because its impossible to know everything in life the only true choice i can make is to trust the viewpoint from Gods perspective.

george seurat is a famous painter known to paint in a style referred to as pointillism. pointillism is a painting technique consisting of grouping a series of dots together. when blending the dots with the eye at a distance these groups produce a larger image. seurats most famous painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte – (1884) is the flagship example of pointillism. when viewing this painting up close all you will see are clusters of thousands upon thousands of little tiny colors of paint. but once backing up to see the full painting from a distance the image will emerge of people in a park on the Island of la Grande Jatte in France looking upon the river of Seine.



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