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whats left with regret November 11, 2011

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if you refrence the word “regret” in the Merriam Webster Dictionary you will recieve,

1 re·gret


a : to mourn the loss or death of

b : to miss very much

2 : to be very sorry for

so what does regret look like? i think ultimate regret looks like negative consequences resulting from life altering decisions. a decision with undesirable effects once made never capable of taking back. permanent. sometimes in hindsight we know the significance of these types of decisions. but honestly in the moment of making these irrevocable decisions i don’t think the significance or impact of these decisions are completely perceived felt or even understood. repercussions are the results from an event or action. usually these influencing changes are unforeseeable in the time the decisions are being made.

what’s the reason you get up every morning. i mean really why do we get up and go through the daily routines of life. i think the true answer to this decision is “for reward.” to get up and go through a daily weekly yearly routine would be absolutely nothing short of grueling if there was no hope for something positive. continuing a life of optimism is the only way to successfully get through lifes highs & lows. because after all life is just made up of challenges disguised as unforgettably high moments or unforgettably low moments.

so why do people make the decisions they make. sometimes resulting in catastrophic devastation or complete blissful contentment. some of these decisions irreversibly impacting the very quality of life. because sometimes these decisions are unavoidable decisions made actively decided or not. i guess the true question is, why do people make the wrong decisions they make. because the impact of these decisions are typically unknown. not as a mystery but more like chosen without complete confidence. without complete communication one is left with assumptions and predisposed information. its difficult deciphering conclusions without knowing all of the facts or details. so how can one completely understand every impact or influence from any given decision. rarely will one ever know the complete impact of something. the universe is simply too astronomical to understand everything. with continuous change and expansion were left with endless questions. some things are left unexplainable while others unpredictable. the term butterfly-effect comes to mind.

so how does one live without regret?

by first analyzing choices or decisions with the question. does this give life or take away life. the worst thing someone can ever do is take away life from someone else. and the best thing someone can ever do is give life to someone else.



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