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im rich! November 10, 2011

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what exactly do you consider “rich” because not only do i consider myself rich but also the vast majority of the people living in the united states or any developed and modern country.

when parking cars as a valet attendant i had the opportunity to meet people that i normally wouldn’t otherwise be in contact with. i would consider some of these people as being “well off.” one time while waiting for guests along with a team of other valets by the main entrance of a pretty exclusive country club, a toyota was seen parked in front while waiting for the owner. upon this car pulling away from the curb the next person waiting for their car didn’t hesitate to speak up about the previous cars owner. she started with asking if any of the valets around her knew who the last guest was. of course as all of us valets were not familiar with any of the club guests we responded with no. but once the question was asked everyone was eager to know! the waiting guest described the last lady as a business women who had just sold a small bank to a much larger bank and was now currently worth about $100 million dollars. of course all of the valets were dumbfounded upon hearing this. because she wasn’t driving an expensive car or drawing particular attention to herself by wearing flashy jewelry or name brand clothing she fit with the criteria of any other totally normal person.

while working for a luxury car dealership i had the opportunity to see what its like to live with access. throughout my life ive always looked up to people who have gained financial success. i viewed these people as the ultimate successors of society. perhaps in a similar way televisions Alex P. Keaton viewed wealth in American society, he idealized this demographic to the point of pursuing the goal of obtaining a similar position. while working for this car dealership i learned a lot about people who have made a lot of money. ive discovered that to be in the position to acquire a lot of money theres sometimes certain variables that come into play in order to achieve success. the first thing that i noticed in most of the people in this crowed was that they were almost always college graduates. another observation made was that often times there were outside influences which greatly helped in contributing of the making to their financial success perhaps determining the outcome of success.

“its an unbelievable thing, wearing this suite actually makes me feel like a better person.”

as quoted by Nicolas Cages character in the movie “The Family Man” we learn some factors that help shape confidence starts with assured self image. the single biggest personality trait found in almost every wealthy person ive ever met is confidence. these people are confident by strongly believing in themselves. once someone has experienced success they become optimistically convinced that attempting future endeavors will be met with similar desirable results and outcomes.

one of the single biggest misconceptions of wealth is the habit of comparing oneself to others who have more. one time while working for the luxury car dealership i picked up a customer at his house. he lived in a very exclusive very expensive neighborhood. from his house i could see a panoramic view from the bay bridge to Alcatraz island and part of the golden gate bridge. when entering the car i commented on how spectacular the view this customer had from his house and noted how beautiful his house was. in response to my compliments of his house, my customer actually told me that he felt “poor.” my customer explained to me that his ‘small’ house was only worth $2 million dollars while the house at the top of the hill had a price tag of $20 million. this mans focus was on what others had acquired instead of his own success and achievement.

the definition of wealth is perceived differently in different cultures around the world. some ways wealth is measured is by determining who has more than the average demographic in any given economy. another indication of wealth is if one has the ability to higher another for any form of service. because the world economy is always growing and wealth is always changing hands the true definition of being considered wealthy will always be changing. as society and technology progress so does the standard of living, resources connecting availability with demand. because of these advancements what was considered “wealthy” twenty-five years ago is now more easily attainable today. the figure is always changing. so how long will a penny shine. not forever.

last sunday i was given the opportunity to take part in packing a shoe box through with gifts to a materially less fortunate child who lives in a developing country. the shoe box will be filled on the suggestion of toys, school supplies and hygiene items. because i am blessed to be in the position of living in a developed country with abundance and wealth. i feel strongly that its important to help people who are trying to help themselves but just cant provide certain standards which really are a part of life’s necessities! sometimes people are put into situations and positions that really don’t allow them to have the ability to provide for themselves that otherwise would be available to them. whenever someone helps another person with achieving in a positive way the perception of the benefactor is altered in a way that would otherwise stay concealed. only through first hand experience are some things taught. whenever insight and awareness is surfaced directly the impact is recognized in a personal way. once something becomes personal its perceived in an emotional way. when something is effected in an emotional way that’s when life change happens. without change the current situation stays the same.

my kids gettin a tractor!!



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