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“we’re all going to college” October 20, 2011

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what if it was irrelevant whether or not you jumped through all of the “proper” “prerequisite” hoops in order to become ideally successful? how do you explain the enormous success from people who never finished their college education? how did the late Steve Jobs accumulate a $100 million fortune by the time he reached the age of 25. today Mark Zuckerberg is worth 17.5 billion dollars (born May 14, 1984) hes 27 years old.

under what admission do some people achieve such abundance in so little time. everything in life is circumstantial. there are immeasurable factors that attribute to the influence, position or opportunities that help in determining each individuals potential or final outcome.

to say there is only one way to reach success would be just plain stupid. typically when considering specific occupations a person will investigate and do their research regarding the interested field of study. when researching a certain vocation conventional wisdom tells us to interview and seek out others who are already in that field. we learn from others to better understand unknown factors or qualifications that might be required in reaching a desired profession.

these days everyone and their cousin stresses nothing short of a college degree in regards to the future careers of others and i couldn’t agree more! for most people college is a great source to become exposed in the many different possibilities and areas of study.

what differentiates the Rockefellers and the Vanderbilts to the rest of modern society? some of the factors that might go into consideration are self motivation, intelligence, and a whole lot of ingenuity!!! being at the right place at the right time has always played an important and sometimes vital role into anyones successful career.

even though a college degree will never put you at any disadvantage its also not necessarily the end all. its not so much what you learned that measures your success more than it is how you applied your knowledge and experience that will determine your effectiveness.



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