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making dreams come true October 18, 2011

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spoiler alert!!! if you haven’t seen the movie Collateral i ruin the ending

hopefully we all have ambitions and desires in life. but what happens if someone opposes you and gets in the way of your dreams. what happens when your dreams aren’t necessarily my dreams.

with pursuing anything worth obtaining there will always be setbacks and great challenges but without staying persistent in your goal you will simply never reach the finish line.

in the motion picture Collateral the protagonist is taxi driver Max Durocher who has a dream of owning his own limo company. Max states that driving taxi is only temporary but then reveals that hes been driving taxi for twelve years. while talking to Vincent, one of his passengers the antagonist illustrates several reasons why Max will never achieve his aspirations. Vincent knows what attainment looks like as he has a reputation for success and speaks while he in fact is aggressively pursuing the achievement of his own goals on this very same night.

what separates Max from Vincent is that Max doesn’t take the proper steps in turning his dream into a reality. while on the other hand Vincent is proactive in achieving his.

Vincent is very confident calm and collected. hes very clever stern and concise. Vincent comes off as a loaner with a strong personality making him very serious and unfriendly. even though Vincent sometimes opposes Max he befriends him. Vincent stands up for Max and defends him on several occasions. as a hitman one of the goals for Vincent on this night is to kill Annie Farrell.

Max is the opposite of Vincent he is very timid and unsure of himself. at the beginning of the film we see that people in Max’s life don’t appreciate him. with Vincents help Max stands up for himself imitating Vincents behavior defending the life of Annie to the point of killing Vincent. by the end of the film Max takes a stand against Vincent adopting what he has learned from Vincent to develop and successfully achieve his intentions.



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