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how one acquires great wealth October 15, 2011

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how does one amass so much wealth? how did the people on Forbes 400 get on such a prestigious list?

there are many ways to become rich. some people come out with a product so revolutionary theres no product on the market that can compete making other people very jealous to the point that they have the audacity to call it a “monopoly” others are inclined with thoroughly understanding compounding interest principals multiplied by time facilitated by luck and the perfect opportunity. while still others just know the value of hungry people at noon. and just make great looking hamburgers that are so convenient that it becomes a national lifestyle.

however the way people achieve financial success one things for sure, it most often times happens when a person start to accumulate and save a little bit eachday everyday until before you know it they have extra!!

what happens when someone starts putting all of their extra change from emptying their pants pocket every night into a jar for three years???

they store up alot of pennies nickels dimes quarters and maybe a silver dollar!!

unfortunately banks don’t use coin counter machines anymore. so instead they give you a handfull of coin rolls and say “good luck!”

ive wanted a bmx bike for a while now so i bought one today!!

when i pulled out all of the money in my pocket i had $270 but after tax was totaled up i was still short ten whole dollars!!! the man had compassion towards my shortcomings!!!! because after i told him that i would come back with more money he readjusted my claim and made it work!!!! i was like “are you sure!?” and he said “yeah. enjoy the bike” i know its only ten dollars but its the principal behind it all!!!!

so if you are in the position to be generous towards your abilities or resources will you?!!

petaluma cyclery bicycle shop rocks!


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