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if life were an investment what would it look like? October 1, 2011

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if life were an investment what would it look like? what i mean to say is how can a person “appreciate in value” do people go through some sort of metamorphoses like a butterfly over time throughout their life? do all babies look the same? do all babies start out equally the same? the true answer to both of these questions is, NO! ive seen some ugly babies! and theyre not all ready for college! or do circumstances help play a part in becoming who we are? [if youve seen the movie ‘Trading Places’ (1983) starring Eddie Murphy & Dan Aykroyd, you know that they do]

does the quality of life appreciate over time. or do we put a greater value on life, people or things in our lives over time? i guess that depends on who you talk to? but on a serious note i would hope so. the older i get the greater my comprehension has become that im not going to live forever. the more i learn about my life and the world i live in the deeper my perception grows. the more experience received the greater the perspective and wisdom is achieved in determining what should be truly valued in life.

living life as a toddler was great when thats all i knew but the older ive become the more aware ive also become. over the years while growing ive received more freedoms and more opportunities. admission to greater independence has been bestowed upon me by everyone from my parents to society. lifes definition of maturity in some ways are relinquished without warning and given even without a formal commencement. rites of passage into adulthood are mostly presumed and the knowledge is to be expected upon by the appointed receiver but subsequently not fully recognized until the receiver comes to be the acceptor.

but the rite of passage is designated differently in different cultures around the world. not every culture does so like the Maasai people of Kenya & Tanzania who hunt lions with only a spear during their initiation into adulthood. in the United States it is mostly viewed that upon graduating from high school the student will either immediately further their education or enter the workforce. because graduation typically occurs close to the age of 18 it is generally also thought of as graduating into adulthood. though achievement into adulthood may be determined differently in various cultures once considered an adult the expectation to act like one remains the same in all.

Speculations in life are often times collectively acknowledged and believed to be true. commonly these ideas can be determined or held based upon society, religion, education and experience but can also be achieved by a number of other influences. the difference between making decisions based on knowing the facts and gambling on certain outcomes can be a choice as decisive, severe and determining as between life & death.

because decisions are often consequently made from earlier actions which often occur without thinking about the repercussions. when viewing life as an investment it would be wise to carefully analyze all of your options and evaluate the best choice in making your decision.

there is no definite in life so there is no real way to securely determine the outcome of anything. this leaves life unpredictable with no guarantee always making life a continuous journey. a long term investment.



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