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careless debtor vs. understanding debtee October 1, 2011

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the discovery was made that my debit card was officially expired when trying to use it after ordering a much needed grilled steak burrito today. when trying to explain to the manager that there was in fact a wells fargo bank across the street he insisted that i could pay him after i ate my meal. the real life lesson learned first hand started to make me think. being in debt isnt always automatically a dilemma. over the years ive always been advised if avoidable to never go into debt but sometimes there are repercussions made from earlier decisions that lead to an unavoidable debt. the memorable impression made from this experience has left me to never forget the feeling of what the debtor goes through. but on the contrary the lessons learned from the debtee today was that if someone is choosing to oblige oneself they must do so with an accepting and understanding attitude. because sometimes it takes more time than fifteen minutes for someone to pay back their debt.



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